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Adjustable wrist weights are a great addition to strengthening and muscle toning programs, as well as enhancing aerobic exercises. 
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: These adjustable weights are made of neoprene with Velcro closures for a perfect, comfortable fit. Neoprene ensures long construction lasting performance and comfort.
  • 2 LB WEIGHT - FITS SIZE LARGE/XL WRIST/ANKLE: No one size fits all!  These are made to comfortably fit a size small or medium hand or wrist.
  • VELCRO CLOSURE - Adjustable straps make it easy to add weight to any workout or  activity.
  • TONE YOUR ARMS: Can be used during everyday activities to tone your arms all day   long
  • STRENGTHEN MORE MUSCLES: Add resistance to your workouts, train harder, and    more efficiently, burn calories by simply wearing our wrist weights. Great for tremor and  hand shaking treatment as well
    $ 17.95