EVA High Density Foam Roller- 36" w/ Vinyl Cover

  • 36 inch Length x 6 inch Diameter
  • Roller Constructed of EVA Material
  • Black Vinyl Cover with Zipper Closure
  • Easy to Clean
Increase the life span of your roller with the 36" Vinyl Covered High Density Foam Roller. This roller is wrapped in a vinyl cover to protect the it from normal wear and making cleaning a simple task. Perfect for gyms and multiple users of one roller. Easy to clean after each use to rid of germs and perspiration between users. Tight cover creates a smooth non slip surface. Foam rollers enhance balance, body awareness, muscle re-education, flexibiilty, dynamic strength and myofacial release. Dense EVA construction provides firm support for all body types and prolongs the life of your roller. Durable EVA material maintains consistent shape and structure and doesn't tend to soften and break down over time as some foam rollers can. Used in conjunction with pilates, yoga and other balance, stability, and strengthening exercises. Great tool for rehab exercises and preventative treatment. A favorite among runners for rolling out the IT band, hamstrings, and calf muscles. Vinyl cover has a zipper closure on one end of roller, making it easy to remove, if needed.

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Price: $46.95